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Masoomeen Education Society’s

Super English Medium School, Sangli

From The Chairman's Desk :
Mr. Asgharali Bhojani

H.Ali (a.s.) “No Wealth is greater than intellect, no poverty worse than ignorance, no inheritance better than good morals and no aid better than consultation” These are the guiding principles that help us to achieve our objectives for the development of the school and society as a whole. It gives me immense pleasure to put before you the new developments and progress made by our school continuously. As you all know the infrastructural developments have placed our school in the most equipped school of the city. Focusing on the overall development of the students, the school encourages the students by organizing Science Exhibitions, Fun-fair, Sports and other competitive programs to increase confidence and face the competitive fields. Apart from this we still thrive to give latest amenities to our students so that students develop in all the aspect of life. E-learning facilities like Tata Edge, Navneet Internet, E-Sundaram and the like courses will add to our objectives. Seminars and workshops for teachers help them for better understanding and developments of students. We also plan to add new activities to the summer camp like stage daring, public speaking, group discussion etc.

I hereby, thank all the parents for their co-operation and encouragement of students. I also thank the teachers for their input in activities apart from the daily curriculum. I am specially thankful to our trustees Mr. Abidali Bhojani, Mr.Salim Somji, Dr. Ali Reza Bhojani, Mr Habib Bhojani, Mr Salman Bhojani and Principal Miss Narjiskhatun Shaikh and the adviser Late Mr. Avinash Kulkarni who are always ready and spend their precious time. I am indebted to THE WORLD FEDERATION OF KHOJA SHIA ITHNA ASHERI MUSLIM COMMUNITIES, who helped us, with their philanthropic aid. Last but not the least we thank all the non- teaching staff for the contributions and services to the school.

From The Desk Of The Working President :
Mr. Salim Somji

With the name of Allah the most Merciful and the Compassionate

I’m very proud to put before you a synopsis of all the educational, physical, moral, social and cultural activities of Masoomeen Education Society’s Super English Medium School. The small plant of the school which we had planted in June 1995, now after 25 years has been fully grown in to a tree, giving fruits and shade to the society in large. We are stepping towards a new revolution in education system because of the great explosion of knowledge all around us. The new three storied building of the society is equipped with modern amenities which are necessary to face the competitive fields that are generating a number of skilled jobs. The school management has a wider vision to equip the students well in science and technology, knowledge and proven value system to face the challenges of the future. In this God’s gracious work of education I’m always inspired and indebted to THE WORLD FEDERATION OF KHOJA SHIA ITHNA ASHERI MUSLIM COMMUNITIES who helped us, encouraged us with their philanthropic aid and valuable guidance. I’m especially grateful to the trustees Mr. Asgarali Bhojani, Mr. Abidali Bhojani, Mr. Salman Bhojani, Mr. Habib Bhojani and Dr. AliReza Bhojani who always are ready to spend their precious time for this noble cause. I’m indebted to the Principal Miss. Narjiskhatun Shaikh, the Administrator Mrs. Anita Kulkarni and the staff of the school for their hard work to bring the school on the top of the town.

I thank all the parents of the students for their support and cooperation.


From The Principal's Desk :
Narjiskhatun H. Shaikh

Bismillah Hir Rahma Nir Rahim

Dear Parents, Carers and Visitors to our school,

A very warm welcome to Super English Medium School.

Thank you for taking the time to browse our website. I hope that you find it informative. I feel truly privileged to lead such a wonderful school and to have the opportunity of ensuring that each child at Super English Medium School receives the best possible education in their formative years. We are recognised as Charitable Institute. As a school, we continually work hard to build upon our strengths and to address our areas for development in what is an ever changing and challenging educational climate.

At Super English Medium School we have high expectations of our children and set challenging targets for them. Every child is encouraged to reach their full potential and we recognise that every child is special and has their own contributions to flourish. Our staff are dedicated, hardworking and experienced. We provide a safe, calm and caring atmosphere in school and foster a hardworking ethos based on an enjoyment of learning within a stable environment. We expect a great deal from our children and they do not disappoint us. We are pleased to offer a varied selection of enrichment and enhancement opportunities and possess excellent links with our diverse community – we are very proud of our reputation as a warm, welcoming, family school.

The Staff and Governors continually seek the views of parents, carers and visitors to our school. We recognise that parents play an important role in the education of their children and as such, we welcome your support and co-operation in making your child’s time enjoyable at Super English Medium School. We are fortunate to have a very active Parents Teachers Association and encourage parents and carers to be involved in all aspects of school life or to discuss any concerns or issues with us. Please call at any time to make an appointment to see either my-self or my team – all members of staff will value discussing any aspect of your child’s education and general welfare.

We have an aspiration for all our children that through their school journey they will fulfil their academic potential and become successful lifelong learners. In addition, we endeavour that our children will possess high levels of both social and emotional intelligence so that they are well placed to succeed and thrive in the future, becoming active and productive members of society.

In this pandemic time our school plays a vital role in Sangli. All our hardworking staff prepares offline video right from nursery to std. X. Homework being checked on regular bases and e-certificates are awarded to students for 100% completion of home-work. Our website is only a glimpse of what we feel makes Super English Medium School distinctive. The best way for you to appreciate what we can offer your child is to experience our school on first hand. I do hope you will visit us to meet our children and staff and to experience life at our unique school.

At the last I have to state that I am very much grateful to the Management for their support and guidance to achieve our goals and make our school a unique institute of education.

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